What is Grid Computing?

Grid computing is a collaboration of computers from different locations in order to research information that leads to a common goal. There are four core essentials to grid computing.

  1. Shared Infrastructure
  2. Secure Access
  3. Distributed Workflows
  4. Collaboration

Why Use Grid Computing?

Server software
Server software

If you have a large job to do, you might want to engage several computers. You need grid software and to register a job you are doing. When there are other available computers, they will become part of your grid project. Condor and Oracle are two good brands of grid software to try.

Grid Monitoring

The infrastructure has a monitoring system that keeps track of the resource status and the service availability of the different computers. Grid monitoring can detect overload and imbalance problems in grid computing.

Resource Selection

Most resource selection has security to keep on PUPs, malware, and trojans. Resource selections allow you to choose the design and programs you want to use in your project. Many computer grids are being used today to help facilitate medical cures, including cancer and A.I.D.S. Computer grids are the miracle of the 21st century. You might find yourself working on computer grid project at your place of work. Computer grids, are here to stay.

Information Modeling

Information modeling is software engineering that represents many concepts such as rules and operations. These information concepts include building, plants, geographic concepts, and more. Building information is about the physical functions and characteristics. The business model generates revenue and profit from the business the grid computing project was created for.

History of Grid Computing

The terminology of grid computing dates back to the early 1990s; it means making thd computer as able to access as electrical power. In 1999, Ian Foster and Carl Kesselman published a book about the computer grid being the blue print for infrastructure. Ian Foster together with Carl Kesselman and Steve Tuecke are responsible for the invention of grid computing.

Computer Grid and the Cloud

Computer grids work in conjunction with different resources with a common goal. A cloud is a server that is usually associated with one company such as Amazon to store unlimited data. Some companies use the cloud as back up for photos, videos, and documents. There are a few clouds that store ebooks and videos.

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